Merry and Bright Chandeliers

Don't leave yours in the dark this season. Here's how to make it shine.
Julie Feagin Sandner; photography Van Chaplin; styling Lisa Powell Bailey, Buffy Hargett, Alan Henderson
Berry Branch Chandelier
Van Chaplin / Styling Lisa Powell Bailey, Buffy Hargett, Alan Henderson

Get the Look
You can have this arrangement even if your chandelier isn't an exact match. Use florist wire to attach berry branches to the center of the fixture. Cover the wiring with greenery or more berries. The display should last 7 to 10 days.

Get the Look
Select a mix of striped, polka-dot, and solid grosgrain ribbons. Tie a large bow with the ribbons at the top of the chandelier chain, and allow streamers to fall at varying lengths through the fixture. To create the oversize mum ornaments, moisten 4-inch-diameter florist foam balls with water. Don't soak them, or they will drip liquid all over the table. Create a hook at the top of the ball for ribbon hangers by placing florist wire through the center of the ball and securing it at the base. Cut the mums, leaving 1-inch-long stems, and then cover the foam balls completely. Loop ribbons through the hook to hang on the chandelier for a festive and colorful look. As a bonus, this is also a kid-friendly project. The ribbons will last forever. As for the mum ornaments, they'll stay fresh for 7 to 10 days. Mist them frequently to prolong their color.