Sponsored: Marvin Windows and Doors

See how Marvin Windows and Doors beautifully fit the classic design of the 2016 Southern Living Idea House.


[MUSIC] This year's idea house is definitely the epitome of a Southern home. This house has all the makings for a true Southern home, from the wrap around front porch to the very large floor to ceiling windows. The large windows and doors are typical of a very classic architecture. Every door and window fell into Marvin's custom program for the front porch area. We were able to match the color between the integrity and [INAUDIBLE] Windows, and so we were able to use both on this house. Combining both the Marvin and the Integrity products allowed us to stay within budget, and meet the strict guidelines provided the architect with the customization. The design of the doors and windows make it classic. So no matter how the interiors look it will alway fit in with you design core. The entry doors on this home are special being 9', leading into an 11' foyer, they seem to fit perfectly. The living room is one of the premier entertaining spaces. The French doors that open out into the porch allow guests to be inside or you could have the doors open if it was a cool summer night, to enjoy the breeze The living room having the numbers of windows and doors that I have to allow what natural light and a being natural gathering spot of the home seems to bring a lot of light to that area. Marvin products are ideal for a home owner because they have very hot quality and their beautifully designed Using Marvin and Integrity products in this house is gonna give the future home owners a sense of comfort, knowing that they used a quality product with a good reputation. [MUSIC]
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