Rebecca Lang's Dream Kitchen Update

Rebecca Lang, cookbook author and SL contributing editor, shares an update on her new dream kitchen.


[MUSIC]. Hey, I'm Rebecca Lang and we are back in my kitchen today to check in and see how construction is going so I have my friend Tyler Davis with Athens Building Company who has been handling this kitchen for me. So, let's see what he has got to show us today. As you can see, we're still in the middle of construction and we've got a lot of your wish list items already in Install. One of my favorite over there, the insinkerator, instant hot water dispenser and wet bar area. I love that. I could thaw frozen vegetables. I could sanitize things really quickly. Your sweet tea. And goodness gracious, I could make my sweet tea, yeah. So what else do we have? Behind us is where your quiet vent hood's going. In front of you the large island. It's humongous. And I love this. This is like my made to order sink. It is. It's one of the largest ones we've ever installed. And I see in here a nice insinkerator. So this is the Evolution Series like I wanted. Super quiet. So I can't wait. Because you know a lot of times Tyler I'm washing dishes and it's crazy in here and I need to grind things but I've got somebody in the next room yelling at me. Understand, yes. And eat and it'll be perfect. Awesome, I can't wait to wash dishes. Which I don't normally say that. Well you got two dish washers to work off of here also. Over here is my favorite part. The biscuit counter over looking the front yard. Perfect, that's great. I could see everybody playing in the yard but I could still make biscuits. I'm glad you like it. I've actually got to run and check on the Concrete we're pouring out back. Okay. But I know Lauren's interested in talking to you about some of the design. Yeah. Check on that, please. [LAUGH]. Hey Lauren. Hey. So good to see you. [CROSS TALK]. I'm so glad you're here. I just love the feel of it. I think it feels like home. And, I really like the way it looks. It has turned out to be so cozy and welcoming. And a warm and comfortable kitchen. Well that's what I wanted because I make my living in here but I also my mother and wife. In here.Tell me how how you came with all of this?>> First of all and your family were my inspiration and we wanted to take this kind of farm house style and make it something that you could entertain in and it's really personal for your job as well. The black counter top, I love. they are classic they are simple they are clean. And they are hopefully Indestructible right? Indestructible and easy to. To clean. Cuz I can give a counter top a run for its money. So good, I hope so. [LAUGH] I know that. Next with the white we just wanted to keep it classic. Classic white never goes out of style and I think we've achieved a really symmetrical look with the cabinets and this whole room has a really nice feel to it. Are we painting the brick white? Yes. Okay. This will add a layer of texture. But it will still keep it simple with all the white. And I love, you came up with the idea on the InSinkErator instant hot water dispenser where you have the faucet on the corner of the sink. You can do this, too. A lot of time when the hot water obviously comes out like we want it to at about 200 degrees, if somebody didn't realize that Where I only have one faucet over there. It's kind of a good idea. But you had to put it on the corner so people know that's not the main faucet. Right. And I know you and I had trouble placing the trash cans in the cabinets because I insisted on- [LAUGH] Two dishwashers, which I know a bunch of you all would want to do too. So that makes even more important that I've got a disposer that can handle Anything, because I can't run here and there to the trash cans every time I'm cleaning up. So I think this is gonna be just perfect. I love how you planned the electrical outlets the way you did, because they're so frequent. You use appliances on your countertop all the time. So we put these outlets wherever we could so that you would have that Convenience. Well, I kind of feel like if you can't plug something in, it's not real versatile space. So sometimes people are renovating, doing a really quick job, their doing something just to kind of freshen up for maybe a change of season, so what would you do to kind of brighten up the space, as a quick thing? Aesthetically, I would go ahead and change out your cabinet knobs and pulls. I think that's something everybody can do. In a weekend, it's very simple. Another thing is add, or change your lighting in your kitchen. Whether you, pendants over your island, or your chandelier over your breakfast table, that's a really easy thing that everyone can do. And you can easily change the wattage, if you wanted it brighter or less. That's a great idea, and that's something that people can do themselves as well. Absolutely. Perfect. Y'all come back for the next episode. I wanna show you the final reveal of the kitchen. And I'm also gonna share one of my favorite recipes with you, too. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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