Rebecca Lang's Dream Kitchen

Cookbook author and Southern Living contributing editor Rebecca Lang outlines the kitchen of her dreams with Tyler Davis of Athens Building Company.


[MUSIC] Hey I'm Rebecca Lang. I'm a cookbook author, I'm a ninth generation Southerner, and I'm contributing editor to Southern Living Magazine. I'm so excited to have you in my home today. We're in the framing stages and we're gonna build a beautiful kitchen. I've got my friend here with me, Tyler Davis, who is also my contractor. So let me tell you a little bit about what happened with our project. Tyler knows this. We bought a house that was built in 19 1968, and we had the best of intentions to renovate it but after learning that we had some foundation trouble, we decided to go ahead and start completely from scratch. And we're making the kitchen of my dreams. [MUSIC] Okay so here's my wish list. I hope your hand doesn't wear out on this cuz it's gonna be a long one. So in my kitchen I like everything to be open. I need a really big island. I need lots of prep space. As you can imagine, I'm not the cleanest cook in the world. And if possible, I really would like to do two dishwashers. You think you can do that? I love to. Okay. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I also wanna do a sink that is enormous in between those two dishwashers and then in my sink that is as big as a bathtub I wanna have the quietest disposable. So I've already picked that out. I'm gonna do an InSinkErator Evolution Series. Great. Which is so quiet you barely know it's even on. As you can imagine, I've got a lot of stuff that I'm grinding up constantly with all my recipe testing and cooking. It can take anything I can put in it, which is awesome. I really wanna lot of natural light. I need windows in the kitchen that lead straight out to the front yard, because the kids are gonna be out there playing at the same time. Keep an eye on them as they head down to the river. Yeah, which is a good [LAUGH] parenting skill? And then I really want it to be the opposite of today with our construction noise, I want it to be quiet. So, I need a hood that is quiet. I want the ventilation coming up and out but I don't wanna have to hear it. I really wanna do a beverage area a nice wet bar away from the [CROSSTALK] Yes, a wet bar away from everything else. So, I wanna have my wine cooler, my ice maker, and I wanna have an insinkerator instant hot water dispenser. Thanks to insinkerator, I can make sweet tea in a At a moment's notice which is just like every southerners dream. And then the last thing which you have probably never heard before. I wanna do a biscuit counter, but I need the counter to be a little bit lower.>>Okay.>>I feel like I don't have enough leverage on a regular counter top to really roll and get in that biscuit dough. Make friends with the dough. So what's a good measurement for us to think about?>>Normal height for kitchen counters is about 36 inches>>Okay.>>if we went You know, two or three inches below that, 33 or 34 inches for your finished top. That'd be perfect, and if possible, I'd like to do some kind of pretty marble. Because marble stays really, really cold, and the better biscuits are made with cold butter. So I need cold butter, a low counter, and some pretty marble. I like that. I'm coming over for that [INAUDIBLE] Evening. Yeah, come for biscuits and fried chicken, y'all make sure to tune into the next episode, and follow along with my kitchen. We'll see you there. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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