Take a Guided Tour

Designer Steve Chambliss takes us on a tour of the Choose Your Home Giveaway house in Asheville, North Carolina.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Steve Chambliss, and I'm the designer and decorator of the Whisper Creek Cottage. You'll notice as you drive in That they did a wonderful job of locating the lot. We actually called it a fishing cabin at first, because it sits right next to the creek. We made it fit right into the woods. It looks actually like it's been sitting here for about 100 years. It's a very small house. It's not real large. But that's the part about it I like best of all, cuz it's very imminent. We've used a lot of materials to build the house and to construct the house. And to decorate the house from the local property. As you walk in the front door, you'll notice the massive ceilings. The great windows and the great views outside. There's a copper front fireplace and a really wonderful wooden fireplace. The actual mantle is from reclaimed wood from here on the property. One of the greatest elements of this house that I didn't have to do anything apart of, except select, is a hand scraped, black walnut floor that is absolutely stunning. There's a wonderful kitchen. We did this great bar that could be used as an island for cooking, or you can also use it for entertaining. [MUSIC] The dining rooms could be used for a dining room or a library. We've created the hallways very wide. We also kept the ceiling very high. Even though it's a hallway, you'd never guess it, cuz it really doubles for an art gallery. The guest bedroom features a Broyhill bed. [MUSIC] And two of our own custom made chairs. We also made it to where your guest would have their own personal bathroom. The master bedroom turned out to be one of my very favorite rooms in the whole house. And I have to tell ya, I never dreamed in a million years, when I was putting this room together on paper, that it was ever gonna be quite this gorgeous. And then you walk on down the hall, and you step onto a beautiful tile floor. There's nowhere in this house you can't look out the window, and just be inspired by the majesty of all the beauty that you're in. This cabin is for anyone who really wants to find nature, find their way back, and just find a wonderful moment to connect with themselves. [MUSIC] We want you to walk in, take your shoes off, and stay.
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