The barn door's an interesting device to use in a house. It's a wonderful application, you know, certainly for any kind of tight hallway. Often times, when you have doors, you're dealing with the door swing. And if you have a tight space, swinging a door in or out can be kind of difficult. And if it's an existing condition, putting in a pocket door is problematic, because it means you have to rip out all the framing and put in a new door, and what I found with pocket doors is, you tend to either leave them open or closed 90% of the time. They're difficult cuz you grab a piece of hardware and you try to pull it in and out, that people don't really tend to open and close them very often. And what's great about a barn door is, you know, it has the benefit of sliding side to side, that also doesn't require you to reframe an entire opening to install it if it's after the fact. And it's, it's an interesting thing to look at. They're kind of a fun and design element within a house.
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