The Best Way To Clean Windows

Are you cleaning your windows correctly? Find out how easy it is to clean them the right way – and without harsh chemicals – from our Senior Homes Editor, Zoë Gowen. Spoiler alert: You probably already have all necessary materials at home.


[MUSIC] If you're lucky enough to have windows floor-to-ceiling then you need to be really diligent about keeping them clean. And keeping the windows clean really isn't that hard. White vinegar mixed with water is a great all-natural cleaner. It's naturally anti-bacterial and non-toxic so you don't have to worry about any scary chemicals. Because white vinegar is so acidic you will need to dilute it. To make the perfect mixture Combine one part white vinegar, with one part water into a spray bottle. This balance creates a solution that's strong enough to cut through the gunk on your window, but won't harm the glass. Avoid using a paper towel when using this mixture, because it will actually leave lint behind on the glass. Instead, use a lint free cloth. Spray, and wipe horizontally to prevent streaks. and when you're choosing the time to clean your windows, it's best to avoid sunny days. Because the sun will make your mixture evaporate quickly, which actually causes more streaks on your windows. Instead, save your window washing for cloudy days, and before you step away and think you're finished, don't forget to clean the window sills too, they're often overlooked. [JINGLE].
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