Tarpon Run 2nd Floor Master Suite Tour

Tour the second-floor master suite of the 2009 Texas Idea House with decorating editor Jennifer Berno.


[MUSIC] The second floor master suite has a really bright, fun color scheme. The saffron yellow color appears in other places, but Paige now, the designer, really embraced the saffron color and paired it with grays and white. And then she pulled that same saffron yellow, and used it on the sliding barn door that separates the bedroom from the bathroom. And this actually slides on a track along the wall, which effectively saves space in the room. There's no door that swings into the room, and it also adds visual interest. The wall that's built behind the bed is actually five feet high, and about 12 inches deep. It is covered in the same horizontal ship lap planking that's used elsewhere in the house and whitewashed. It's a really sort of eclectic, fun grouping of personal items that add personality to the room as a substitute for a headboard. There's a jute rug on the floor and page layered on top of that rug, a patchwork antique rug. This adds a sense of history to the room, color and interest. At the foot of the bed is a very heavy, sturdy, wood bench. Another great place to tie your shoes or pack your bag. Also laying at the end of the bed is a chunky wool, sort of loose. Knit throw, which is great for a nap, and also holds in that yellow color again. [MUSIC]
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