Meet the Tarpon Run Team

Rex Perry
Meet the project team, designers, and contributers behind the 2009 Texas Idea House.

Project Team

Community: Cinnamon Shore, or 1-888-893-0656

Developers: Sea Oats Group, Inc., or (678) 893-0651;
McAden Cumby Builders & Development Inc., or (512) 329-5577

Architecture: Dungan Nequette Architects, or (205) 322-6455

Interiors: Tracery Interiors, or (850) 231-6755

Builder: Keystone Builders, or (361) 749-8797

Landscape Design: Buffel Grass Seed Co., or (361) 881-8626

Charity: Port Aransas Education Foundation, or (361) 749-7126

Key Contributors

Annie Selke Home by Vanguard Furniture,

Best Slipcover Company,


Enersave Systems, Inc.,


Mermaid Hut,

SPAN (Southern Pine Awareness Network),


The Idea Houses are filled with select products from the Southern Living Home Collection. To learn more and buy:

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