Tarpon Run Outdoor Spaces Tour

Tour the outdoor spaces of the 2009 Texas Idea House with decorating editor Jennifer Berno.


[MUSIC] This beach house really capitalizes on outdoor spaces. The garage at this house is not actually meant for cars it's meant for your golf cart, your kayaks, and it's the place you bring your fish when you come back. From a day of fishing. Some of the ways the architects enhance this very utilitarian fish prep area is, instead of using just your typical stainless steel basin, they used sleek, black, chalky counter tops, painted cabinetry, interesting lighting and the facet actually has a pull-down spray feature so it sort of eliminates the need to drag your hose over to the fish prep sink. After you walk through the garage, toward the house you enter into an outdoor fireplace area. The two woven, espresso-colored chairs really pop against that white stucco. Across from the fireplace is a built-in outdoor grill which is where you might cook up your catch of the day. The outdoor fireplace is a gas fireplace which of course is really easy to use. But in the off season, its a good idea to fill that empty hole with real logs. It creates sense of atmosphere and its incredibly inviting. [MUSIC] The first full covered porch has a fire place, and is outfitted with two woven rocking chairs, and a small side table [MUSIC] This porch is actually the main entrance to the house. It's one of the least formal entry ways I'v e ever seen but it's perfectly fitting for this house because it sets the tone for the casual living that goes on inside. The porch of the living room faces the ocean. So, it has one of the best views in the house. There are a set of Adirondack chairs, placed out on the porch, with corresponding ceramic garden stools. And it's just the perfect spot to watch the sunset. An interesting choice with the Adirondacks chairs, they are actually made out of plastic instead of wood. Which the plastic stands up so much better to the salty air. This is actually a great tip for any beach house. [MUSIC] The second floor porch just off the landing is furnished with a love seat and two club chairs. It's actually like a little outdoor living room. There's even an indoor/outdoor rug. It's comfortable and the view over the railing is right onto the ocean. The architects maximize the living space options in this house by creating multiple entry points onto multiple porches. Having so many different porches allows you to take your living space outside.
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