2011 Idea House Overview

Enjoy a tour of the design and features from our 2011 Texas Idea House in Horseshoe Bay.





Hi, I'm Marcus Mohon with Mohon Imber Interiors. We're the interior designers on this year's Southern Living idea house outside Austin, Texas. There's nothing formal about the arrangement in this house, because on the lake, in this kind of environment, we want everybody to be able to use every room and sit in every space. As you move from the entry into the living room, the ceiling height pops up and a light floods the space. And it's fantastic, because you really have a sense of openness, of grandeur, but at the same time we wanted to tame that grand space so that you'd want to be in it. This living room is wonderfully social. It's a place where you want to hang out. We wanted the kitchen, like every kitchen has to be a great gathering space. But we also wanted the kitchen to not feel really typical, so we didn't use any upper cabinets. We wanted it to feel relaxed and wonderful and natural where, a ton of people could waltz in and have a wonderful meal in minutes and stand around in the kitchen and eat it. The dining room is the hub of the house. As you step into the dining room, beyond the table there's a wonderful set of French doors. [MUSIC] There's a huge opening to the kitchen, a huge opening to the family room, and the opening through which you are going. Cuz I love, when you cross through the dining room on the way to other places because again, that turns it in to a room that you'll use. Instead of having a typical laundry room, we call it the flower room, because you enter and exit through this space all the time, so we thought why not give a little romance to this otherwise mundane space. [MUSIC] Most of all at the lake it's creating an atmosphere where relaxation meets romance. Romance is about being with the ones you love and about escaping the mundane. That's what's great about a lake house. And that's what's great about this house. [SOUND]
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