Tarpon Run Master Suite Tour

Tour the first-floor master suite of the 2009 Texas Idea House with decorating editor Jennifer Berno.


[MUSIC] The master suite on the first floor is sort of the ultimate private sanctuary. The bed is dressed in really graphic, sort of modern floral bed linens that are in this really beautiful orangy-red color. The designer actually used that same persimmon color with a custom stencil on the back wall behind the bed. The stencil has a really dramatic effect in the room. It sort of has the same look of wallpaper. Across from the stenciled wall is a beautiful glass wall that divides the bedroom from the bathroom. There's actually grommeted curtains that hang from the ceiling. It can be pulled across the glass for privacy. The floor coverings are jeux which adds texture to the room. The headboard is slip-covered with a soft blue linen. Which is great because you can actually pull that off the headboard and throw it in the laundry. And wash it if you need to. The bedside tables are beautiful mirrored round tables with bamboo-inspired legs, so they add sort of a touch of femininity to the room. The bedside lamps are limed wood bases in just simple white shades. There's a long wooden bench at the foot of the bed which ties together sort of all the natural elements in the room. Since this is a beach house there's always people coming in and out so it's such a great place to pack or unpack. The painting that hangs above the bed is actually an unframed canvass. That sort of floats inside a vintage wood frame. First the designer hung the canvas on the wall, and then hung the frame over that, so it's actually two pieces. Such a great idea if you wanna make a modern piece of artwork have a sense of age to it. [MUSIC]
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