Tarpon Run Kids' Loft Tour

Tour the kids' loft and playroom of the 2009 Texas Idea House with decorating editor Jennifer Berno.


[MUSIC] The 3rd floor of the house is intended to be a kids only retreat. When you come up to the 3rd floor, you enter on to a landing with a railing that overlooks onto the second floor. There's a great view of the shiplap planking, of the stained wood beams on the ceiling, of the beautiful glass globe lighting. [MUSIC] On this landing, Paige, the designer placed a counter height game table. She chose the counter height table because when you're sitting this high, you can see over the rail and again through the windows out into the gulf. Along the side of the landing of the loft are 3 built in bunk beds that are designed to look like train bunks. They're built into the eaves, and they have curtains that you can drop for privacy. They're really cozy, and perfect for little kids. And the green, and blue, and white bedding is just very playful and adds color to the really all white wash space. [MUSIC] Across from the train bunks is a set of 3 storage areas, 3 open cabbies to place baskets or suitcases, and then underneath each cubbie, a drawer for clothes and other items. [MUSIC] Connected to the bunk loft is a play room. So, it's naturally where the kids are going to go to play video games, and watch movies. 2 aqua bean bags round out the seating in the play room for kids who want to plop down and play a video game. It is a good idea to put carpet in a play room, because it softens the noise, and also creates a little bit more of an intimate feel. Against the back wall of the play room is a built in double wide day bed that's meant to fit 2 twin mattresses. So during the day, this is a sofa where kids can sit and lounge and watch movies, and at night there's room for 2 kids to sleep. The horizontal wall treatment is so dynamic in the playroom that any piece of large art work might distract or overwhelm the space. So Paige had a great idea in grouping 4 small prints, just the size of one of the stripes to arrange neatly along one of the walls. It's a really modern approach to art work
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