Idea House: Tarpon Run Kitchen Tour

Tour the kitchen of the 2009 Texas Idea House with decorating editor Jennifer Berno.


[MUSIC] The kitchen is a great example of mixing old and new. The sink counter in the kitchen is actually a bar on the opposite side, which connects to the living room. And since the kitchen is raised up seven inches, it maintains the bar height on one side, and the counter height, on the other side. It also insures a view, out over the railing, on to the gulf, from anywhere you're standing in the kitchen. It was a great design idea. The bar stools that are in the living room facing the kitchen are stainless steel. They're really light and easy to move around, and they also have that sort of, industrial look. [MUSIC] The cabinets in the kitchen are actually all one style, but the island cabinetry is kept a dark espresso wood. And the cabinetry on the range side was painted the same shade of white that was used to whitewash all the walls. The white cabinets actually create a really clean look and the mix of the two finishes is a real interesting contrast. [MUSIC] The beams over the kitchen are stained a darker wood which contrasts against the whitewashed walls and ceiling. And this is just a really interesting mix of sort of this vintage look with this new and sleek, modern idea. [MUSIC] My favorite idea in the kitchen is the antiqued mirror backsplash behind the stove. Paige Schnell the designer had this idea to use mirror for the back splash, because when the cook is cooking at the stove they'll still be able to see the reflection of the gulf in the mirror. And since it has this aged look, and it already has sort of an imperfection to it, it hides spots and splashes and it's easier upkeep. The glass pendant lamps that hang over the bar have, a real sort of clean, almost industrial look. [MUSIC] They've very subtle. They don't demand a lot of attention, but since they float in the middle of this huge open space, it's sort of the perfect lighting for that room. [MUSIC] The kitchen's mix of old and new gives it a really distinctively beach, chic look.
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