Tarpon Run Foyer Tour

Tour the foyer of the 2009 Texas Idea House with decorating editor Jennifer Berno.


[MUSIC] The foyer sets the tone for the house. Because it's a real relaxed, kick off your flip flops, hang up your beach towel type of place. It's not a formal entry. It's more of a mud room. It's a real casual welcome to the house. The benches and the hooks on the wall are the perfect place to sort of wrangle all your beach towels and bags from the day. You're always going to drop them when you walk in anyway, but when you have the hooks in the perfect place to set them down [MUSIC] It keeps a mess from looking too messy. The walls and even the ceiling in the entryway are covered in horizontal shiplap planking that has been whitewashed. Which gives a really casual look to the space. And it also makes a brand new house Look, a little bit older. The architects applied this planking all throughout all the public spaces so, the entryway is a great queue to what you'll see in the rest of the house. [MUSIC] The railing of the stairwell has horizontal beams So it sort of leads the eye up into the house. The back wall of the stairwell is painted aqua, so it's a really beautiful backdrop for a collection of photographs that the interior designer, Paige Schnell, took in Port Aransus, Texas. The aqua wall with the simple black frames. Creates a fresh modern look, and the space that often gets ignored. [MUSIC]
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