Tarpon Run Idea House 

Join Southern Living decorating editor Jennifer Berno for an overview tour of the 2009 Texas Idea House.


Hi, I'm Jennifer Berno, associate decorating editor at Southern Living Magazine. Welcome to our 2009 Southern Living idea house at Cinnamon Shore in Port Aransas, Texas. The designer used a great mix of old and new here to make a brand new house have a sense of history. [MUSIC] The color palette is pretty consistent throughout this house, shades of persimmon, aqua, saffron, and white run throughout. And they echo the colors of the natural surroundings. The walls in the entry are horizontal shiplap planking that have been white washed. The architects applied this planking all throughout all of the public spaces in the house so the entry way is a great queue to what you will see in the rest of the house. The master suite on the first floor is the ultimate private sanctuary. There's a porch right off of this master bedroom. The architects maximized the living space options in this house by creating multiple entry points onto multiple porches. Having so many different porches allow you to take your living space outside. It was important to the architects to really preserve the views in this house. So anywhere in the living room that you're standing, you can see out to a view of the Gulf. [MUSIC] The living room itself connects to the dining nook and the kitchen. It's an open floor plan that's perfect for a large group of family and friends. The second floor master suite has a really bright, fun color scheme. The saffron yellow color appears in other places but Page Nell, the designer, really embraced this saffron color and paired it with grays and white. [MUSIC]. And really played up this color combination. [MUSIC]. The third floor of the house is intended to be a kids only retreat. [MUSIC]. All the built in beds on the third floor, really allowed the architects to maximize square footage for living spaces. And you can see how they really utilized every square inch of space on the third floor. [MUSIC] It really just makes you fell like you're at the beach and away from it all.
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