Hemlock Springs Guest Suite Tour

Tour the guest suite of the 2009 Georgia Idea House with designer Mallory Mathison.


[MUSIC] The guest room, we really wanted to make it feel like it's own special little, little get away spot. We wanted the carpet to be just really soft and lush. And one thing that we really wanted to play up is a layering patterns. This room is fully wallpapered in a beautiful silhouette pattern. It's a green and white. We used a bird motif in the wallpaper and in the window treatments. It's pretty easy to mix a very small-scaled wall covering with thick prints or vice versa. [MUSIC] But to come in and use two large-scale prints together. I think is something that might scare people a lot and this is a good way to show them that it's you know, okay to do it. We used a lot of painted furniture mixed with some soft wood tones. The headboard and the tremeau are painted pieces. We used our little hemlock spring custom motif on the tremeau. We really wanted the wall that faced out to the window to be the bed wall. But the way that the room is set up, with the door outside and the door to the bathroom, there really wasn't any space for tables and lamps. So we used swing arm wall-mounted lamps on either side of the headboard. I love plates, the plates that are downstairs are antique Hablan plates, it's a plate collection that looks beautiful on the table but also. Really beautiful, and the bookshelves and I tend to use plates a lot, in bookshelves because it's an easy way to get a really polished thought out composition. The guest sweet bathroom off of the guest bedroom, you're really in for a little bit of surprise. We've used a very small mosaic tortoise shell tile, really as our whole foundation for the space. We've wrapped the whole shower, floor, ceiling, walls, in it. And then we have put it on the vanity wall to anchor two exposed chrome leg color vanities. And then taking it in the water closet and use it on a huge wall in there as well. It just is a beautiful sort of, refined element to a space that in this application, is giving it a little more of a contemporary edge than other spaces in the house, but it feels remarkably cohesive and appropriate. [MUSIC]
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