Hemlock Springs Retreat Room Tour

Tour the retreat room of the 2009 Georgia Idea House with designer Mallory Mathison.


[MUSIC] When you take the stairs up, you're headed up to the retreat, which is one of the gems of this house. It's a special area that is all about just reflection, relaxing, enjoying what the scenery of this location has to offer. We chose, sort of a blue, brown and ivory scheme and then little hits of green. We've used the same material on the floor and the ceiling. It really gives it a cozy, almost paneled feel even though there is no paneling on the walls. We've worked off of that feeling one step further by painting the walls a warm cozy cocoa brown color. [MUSIC] We wanted to contrast off the brown walls with the ivory linen window treatments, and then we just punctuated that with a great subtle little trim that makes the space. Three walls of the retreat have windows on them. And you have your door that goes out to the tower porch. Then you have your, your stair wall, which has windows that go out to the front of the house. And so we need to balance it out. The windows were placed to really open it up. And one thing that really does, it connects the retreat to the rest of the house. We used a, a really traditional fabric almost like a mattress ticking, blue and white. And then came in with a fun punch of very, very neutral animal print on a pair of wing chairs. There are built-ins to house a library. So we decided to take that one step further with the end tables, which also serve as mini bookshelves. [MUSIC] For a small space, you can get a lot of people up there. It'd be a great place for a book club to meet, play cards, read a book and have a nice conversation with friends. One of the things that is so special about the retreat is the tower porch. It's a tiny little porch, but it has the best views in the entire house. One thing that we've done on that porch is personalize it with a really special, large, lounging outdoor system. So, it really is a, a neat way to sit up there with someone special and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and read the paper, or to watch the sunset at night. [MUSIC]
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