Hemlock Springs Porches Tour

Tour the porches of the 2009 Georgia Idea House with designer Mallory Mathison.


[MUSIC] When you walk through the front door, immediately you have the most gorgeous view of the North Georgia mountains. [MUSIC] And it sort of pulls you through the spaces to the outdoor living porch, where you get the full impact of how beautiful the view is. [MUSIC] Well, I wanted to set up the outdoor living area really as a, an actual living room would be. So it's, it's set up around a, a fireplace, a mantel And you've got a beautiful big, comfortable sofa and sets of club chairs. We've used really updated punchy patterns, mixed with some very bright solids and a little bit more neutral fabric to really tie everything together. One element that we've really sort of taken from a traditional indoor furniture planning and used it outdoor, is the idea to use a console behind the sofa. This console piece really separates the dining porch and the living porch and provides a great table for lamps. And a wonderful place to serve and store, serving pieces, on the dining side. You'll see that the lamps that are behind the sofa, on the living porch sort of a balustrade designed. Buy they're made of a really heavy cast iron material. Which makes it ideal for exterior, because no matter how hard the wind blows, nothing is gonna knock over. They're there for good. The one thing that was really neat about the dining furniture that we selected for this porch is, it's a new twist on outdoor dining. It's what the outdoor furniture industry is calling alfresco dining. Taking a lower table, and then putting really comfortable club chairs around it. Rather than a standard height table with dining chairs, the whole idea is to sit and stay, to dine for hours. The chandelier is a cast iron and rope chandelier that's made from a large cast iron circle. This fixture feels very rustic but it also feels very refined. The retractable door from the kitchen to the grilling porch is a really integral part of the design of this house. When the door opens, you're out onto the grilling porch which is solely designed for grilling and food preparation and there's an island in the kitchen that is made to be used indoor and out. So its a really great way to be able to prepare food outside and pass it over easily in to the Kitchen to someone else who's helping you prepare. [MUSIC]
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