Hemlock Springs Master Bedroom Tour

Tour the master bedroom of the 2009 Georgia Idea House with designer Mallory Mathison.


[MUSIC] The master bedroom in Hemlock Springs is a really a retreat and a getaway. Coming into this room, we wanted to downplay the bright colors, and really move into a much softer, serene palette. The bedroom really started with the fabric that we have on the headboard, which is a really beautiful loose floral that has a soft color palette, but with a hit of color with the red. From that we took the very soft paint color, pale aqua, pulled it up on the ceiling. And then pulling in a light crisp ivory color to really punctuate everything. For anyone being able to, you know, roll out of bed in the morning and be able to make a cup of coffee before they go in to get ready for the day is a sense of luxury. Whoever ends up living in this house, will appreciate on a daily basis the thoughtfulness of adding the, the coffee bar. To keep it sort of clean and streamlined, we did straight valances with gathered accents. Using the valance just creates a sense of warmth. One thing that we really wanted to do in the master bedroom and throughout the house is really combine textures that we were using. We've worked with metallic finishes, painted finishes, some raw wood finishes that, when they work together, create a very layered feeling. To me the little extra thoughtful things are what can make or break a space, and we've got three trims that we're using. Trims on the club chairs which are a red, tape trim. A trim on the window treatments, which is very subtle, it's just an ivory linen tape trim. And then we have a little scalloped gimp that's used on the lamp shade. The light fixture in the room is got through a distressed painted finish, and I love the little tassels and the beads on it. I think that it just has a sense of whimsy to it. And I really wanted this room to be multi-functional as a master bedroom. A place where to gray, great get away, a place where you could come, read, with some really comfortable big armchairs. A place where you could come in and write a thank you note at the desk. If you were sitting down, writing will be so easy to look out and, at the beautiful vista and get shock of inspiration from nature.
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