Hemlock Springs Master Bath Tour

Tour the master bath of the 2009 Georgia Idea House with designer Mallory Mathison.


[MUSIC] We ran the hardwood floors into the master bathroom. Which I think just gives such a rich, warm feeling to it. The contrast of the walnut stain floors with the lighter walls, and the white porcelain fixtures and the polished silver hardware. Just really gives a sense of mixing really crisp polished pieces, with a really warm inviting feeling. The pedestal tub in the center was one thing that we really loved. The master bathroom really got its whole jump start when we picked the mosaic tile for the shower. We were able to select a really fabulous sea glass mosaic. And decided to just run with it in the shower. And that set the palette for it being just a very light, spa like feeling. I think when you get in, it just has such a fresh clean feeling that you couldn't achieve with your everyday white tiled shower. We used grass cloth, that sort of texture that we pulled from nature. And used it in a light clear aqua color, which is an unexpected take on a material. We wanted to go with a white cabinet to just really provide a sense of contrast against the hardwood floors. Rather than doing a glaze over, we had an artist come in. And just do a little edging on the cabinets to tie down the aqua color from the walls. For the countertop material in the master bath, we picked a honed travertine. There was so much kind of shimmer going on with the polished sliver hardware. That we wanted to tone it down a little bit, and play off another texture with, with the travertine. Well that whole area was designed for the lady of the house in mind. Just a great little place to sit, and prepare for the day. Or for an evening out. It was designed with a window view. So it has that beautiful natural light coming in behind it. And then we've done a very traditional just tri fold vanity mirror on the top. There's a lot of natural light that comes into this bathroom. We real, we really wanted to play that up. Reflecting the light and having it bounce around the room with the mirrors. We decided to place the sconces on top of the mirror. And we selected a really beautiful little polished silver sconce. It has a floral motif on it. You have such a challenge when you're trying to do window treatments in a master bathroom, or any bathroom. Because you want privacy, you want natural light, and you want something you don't have to mess with. So we went with a three-quarter cafe curtain that's shirred in a very light sheer linen. And that at night provides privacy. But definitely lets in ample sunlight during the day.
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