Hemlock Springs Children's Room Tour

Tour the children's room and bath of the 2009 Georgia Idea House with designer Mallory Mathison.


[MUSIC] This room was really designed around being for a child that visits, more than a child that's a permanent resident. So we went with a daybed that actually has a trundle that can go underneath. And, went with a really whimsical bed hanging. I think the children's room is all about color. I mean, it has bright yellow walls, bright blue carpet. It's all about color that is totally saturated, but not overwhelming. We implemented a few really special things, the custom window seat, a pair of custom floor pillows, and a Collette coffee table. The checkerboard pattern carpet, and it's a mix between a cut pile and a tufted pile carpet, which gives you the checkerboard effect in a really bright fun aqua color. We had this custom barrel shade made with some of the fabrics we've used in other places in the room, and it kind of gives a little contemporary edge to the space. And we used horizontal boards around the room to create some mill work that we thought it would be perfect for hanging kid's artwork off. You can really easily put thumbtacks in it and hang finger paintings or pictures. Almost the whole room could be come a big display board for children's artwork. It's okay to use things in a children's room that aren't intended to be juvenile. And the color, and the way that things are framed, it really adds another layer of interest and unexpected touch to a child's room that is really whimsical and fun but just may not be something that you would think of. One main thing in the children's bathroom is that we used a brand new tile that's 4 by 18. When it's laid it looks like hardwood, but it has sort of a blue white wash feel to it. We had it randomly laid like hardwood so all the joints would be mismatched, and it gives a feeling of a hardwood floor, but we've taken it to up the walls and then in the shower and really framed it out with mitred corners. So it is a really different twist on a way to treat a bathroom. We used a custom vanity from Kohler, and then did the same technique that we used in the master bath. We really amped it up with mirrors to reflect light, and make the space feel as large as possible. [MUSIC]
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