[MUSIC] There's a lot of different opportunities to create storage in a house, and it's really gonna fall under two categories. It's what you wanna see and what you don't wanna see. Bookshelves are great. Books can add a certain element of warmth and sophistication into a living space, but I think too many bookshelves are actually hard to deal with and hard to fill. Storage that's deeper than 1 foot to 16 inches tends to get a lot of lost space behind it, especially in the kitchen. So we use a lot of sliders and pullouts, because a pullout's great because you can extend the full two foot depth of the cabinet. But we also tend to try to do a lot of vertical storage. If you can get even, you know, a two-foot wide cabinet that is floor-to-ceiling, it holds exponentially more. So there's ways to get the storage without it detracting from other areas and then picking and choosing where you wanna really have storage that's decorative, showing objects that you want to display. [MUSIC]
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