Bunny Williams' Tips for Personalizing Your Home

Bunny Williams, Interior Designer of the 2015 Southern Living Idea House, shares her tips for making your space your own.


What really gives a house personality in the end is what the individual adds to it that shows their interests and passion. I'm Bunny Williams. I am the interior designer for the 2015 Southern Living Idea House. I always love coming in a house when I see a collection of china because they love china or, in my case, you'll probably find a collection of rabbits. When you have a name like Bunny, needless to say rabbits come into your life in every form. But that's part of my life. It's my name, and it's how I arrange them, how I display them. That's when you start collecting. That's when you start looking for unusual rabbits. John, my husband and I love dogs, so needless to say, there are things that we collect about dogs. I'm a gardener, so I'm always collecting and looking for beautiful drawings of botanicals, flowers that I grow because it shows my interest. And I think that when people have interests and they collect around their interests then that's what's going to make their house their house. [MUSIC]
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