Command Central Mudroom

Peppered with antiques and designed to be a command central for the family, the mudroom is used as a convenient secondary entrance to the home.


[MUSIC] There's a secondary entrance to the house that's right off the carport. And this is a great mudroom. Just inside the door is an antique rattan chair and antique galvanized metal tub. It's a great place to stash umbrellas as you walk in the door and really just to drop your coat and your shoes right when you come in. There's also a big beautiful mirror with a row of hooks underneath. There's a rough stone floor, very kind of rustic feel. Just inside the door, there's a long antique console table. And this is a great spot to turn into the command central for the family. You could use it as a desk. There's a pair of lamps and large bulletin boards for pinning up family notes and calendars and pictures. In the mudroom, you have access to two different rooms, the dining room and the clutter room. You walk up the steps, which are beautiful, antique timbers, and you can also see the stair railing that Ken designed that's a beautiful, dark black iron. There's a collection of antique fishing rods mounted to one wall in the mudroom. It's just a nice gesture that mimics the influence of the fishing camp. This is not the entrance where you would normally welcome and receive guests. This is more just a family entrance for everyday living. [MUSIC]
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