Ethereal Master Bedroom

Photo Tour: Palmetto Bluff Idea House

White walls and breezy drapery on the windows and doors give the room an ethereal vibe and provide continuity with the nearby living room. Shiny lacquered nightstands add a mod punch to the subdued mix.


[MUSIC] The door leading to the master bedroom was upholstered by Suzanne in a beautiful slate blue linen. And it really just marks the entrance to the more private master quarters in the house. Right when you walk in the room has just got such a beautiful, peaceful feel. There's an upholstered four poster bed right in the center of the room. The posters are iron, but the back headboard is upholstered in a white linen fabric. Even though the bedding in the master bedroom is predominantly all white, Suzanne has still created a lot of interest, with a coverlet at the food of the bed that's a pretty plush stone color, and an assorted array of pillows in all different shapes and fabrics. Flanking the bed is an identical pair of nightstands that are covered in white grasscloth. There's a beautiful pair of tall, metallic silver lamps on either side, that lend a strong sense of symmetry and height to the room. The curtains in the room are off-white linen and they're trimmed in the most beautiful wooden beads. I love this use of trim in the room. It just adds such a hit of color, but also just an organic quality to edge of all the curtains. Suzanne's put a white linen wing chair in the corner, which is great for reading and just for sitting in the bedroom. [MUSIC] The bedroom has more of a traditional feel, but Suzanne has tempered that with some modern accents in the room. There's a large painting opposite the foot of the bed with wide brush strokes and a really poppy color of aqua. There's also a modern classic in the corner, a white leather chair with a big arching floor lamp over the side of it. And these two things just really add a nice modern feeling to the room and balance out some of the more traditional elements. There's a simple sisal floor covering in the room, and it just coordinates with the neutral tones found throughout the rest of the room. There's a starburst mirror hung above the headboard. There's also a door that leads out onto the porch, so you have your own private entrance and exit. One of the most magnificent parts of this room is the floor-to-ceiling windows. They provide just ample natural light and flood the room with just a really beautiful light and airy quality.
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