The bathroom that's attached to the guest room has a beautiful set of vanities at one end of the wall, and they have a marble top and they're extra deep. I think that's a really smart way if you have the space in the bathroom to add almost like a ledge at the back of the sinks. That can be a great place for toiletries, and toothbrushes, and glasses. And above them is a set of mirrors over each vanity. One wall in this bathroom behind the vanities and sinks is covered in a gray subway tile, and it's such a great place to just add one feature wall of tile so that it just pops, but yet isn't overwhelming and used on all the walls in the rest of the room. The walls in this bathroom are covered with such a beautiful grass cloth. It almost has a little bit of a metallic sheen to it. And it's in just a really pretty shade of blue-gray, that matches then tones in the guest bedroom. The shower is enclosed by a set of frosted glass walls that give a sense of privacy, and when you step inside and open up that door, it's just beautiful marble tiles on both the floor and walls. Just feels like such a luxurious space, and really kind of creates a little bit of a hotel feel. The window treatment in the bathroom is again, a Roman shade, and it's covered all over in a pattern fabric that's used in the guest room. Suzanne used a little stool in the guest bathroom just to give a little pop of color to the space. It's inlaid bone with almost a slight blue turquoise color to it. There are framed prints. In this case they're butterflies. And then she's also used a silver tray with rope handles, and just accessorized the bathroom vanity area with cups or canisters that are just beautiful to look at, and really just give a finished sense to the vanity.
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