[MUSIC] The bunk room is such a great use of a small space. It's a very narrow room, but it has this unique feature, a bank of windows set into the alcove under the roof. It's a great space to put overflow children, if you have extra kids staying in the house. Suzanne covered each twin bed with fabric that's been made into a slip cover. So it's actually almost like a fitted sheet that fits directly over the mattresses and then can be taken off and made up as a bed. There's a great mix of prints in this room on the pillows. There's a nice polka dot pillow, a solid cream, a solid orange, and then a beautiful stripe that ties all of the colors together. Suzanne also used that stripe as the Roman shade on the windows. And the day bed cover is actually piped in orange, which adds just a tiny pop of color and contrast on the edge. There's a pair of side tables in this room so that each bed has a little bit of a bedside table, and they're a really beautiful worn wood finish and topped by a collection of globes. This is a signature of Suzanne's and it's always something fun that she includes in all of her projects. In a space as tight as this there's not a lot of room for standing lamps and floor lamps. So, Suzanne tucked in light by putting sconces over each bed. There's a narrow space in front of the window that Suzanne and Ken utilized and turned into just another surface to place lamps. There's a pair of really pretty sculptural lamps there with a round base. And again it just echoes the shape of the globes that are used to accessorize the room. The bunk room upstairs is a tiny comfortable space that packs a big punch.
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