[MUSIC] When you walk into the blue bedroom, it still has the same white walls as the rest of the house, but there's a bright blue, almost kind of navy color on the trim. And it just really makes the windows pop in that room. It's really nice to bring order to a small space by emphasizing the symmetry in the room. With that center headboard placed right in the middle there's just a natural place for a pair of bedside tables, and a matching pair of lamps. And that just really brings just a nice pleasing symmetry to the room. There's beautiful bedding that's a mix of stripes, and I think it's really interesting to see how the stripes are combined in different shades of blue. And it almost gives the room a slight nautical feel. This room also has a really unique idea with having in the corner of the room a built-in bulletin board. Such as smart use of space. What would normally be just a dead corner in the room is turned into just a really fun area where you can pin up photos or postcards that's also very beautiful because it's covered in linen with cork behind it. There's also a lot of rope accents. There's a rope mirror, there's a chair along one side, and then the side tables are sort of a weathered wood. That's a reference to the setting on the water. It's very subtle, it's not overt. On both sides of the room, there's a set of framed prints that are a very abstract blue painted brush strokes. Almost feels like wide calligraphy. The art in a room like that doesn't have to feel childlike or too youthful. So whether the child is 6 or 16. [MUSIC] It's really just a sophisticated take on a child's bedroom.
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