[MUSIC] The pair of bathrooms upstairs off the girl's and boy's room were designed to be a pair, but exact opposites from each other. So, for example, in the boy's bathroom, the floor tile is a khaki color with a white band set into the floor. And in the girl's bathroom, the floor is a white tile with a khaki color set into the band. So it's a really clever idea and way to make them different, but also make them feel similar and connected at the same time. In the boy's bathroom, there's a really beautiful and generous vanity. It's painted a khaki color and has a really beautiful marble top. There's storage with closed cabinetry and drawers below. Above the sink vanity there's a mirror with flanking sconces on either side. There's no tub in this bathroom. There's a standing shower that's surrounded by the frosted glass doors. And inside there's just a really simple white subway tile, and a running bond pattern. And the same tile from the floor is carried in here with the khaki floor tiles. And they have almost a feel of like a mosaic tile, and just have sort of a really pretty, modern feel to them. The window in the boy's bathroom has the same bright navy blue trim, and then it's got a window treatment that has the khaki burlap fabric. And the bottom has been trimmed in a wide white ribbon. One unique feature in both of these bathrooms is their storage, one whole wall of built-ins, but it's hidden behind a large curtain. So it almost has the appearance of a shower curtain, cuz it runs from floor to ceiling. The storage is a great way to hide clutter, and still make it very beautiful, so there's a series of different baskets and also a really beautiful hamper, that has big leather buckles on the top. And it's just, again, a nice way to take everyday things and try and make them more beautiful.
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