Deep Green Study

Just off the living room sits a wonderful, intimate little study that was designed as a purposeful departure from its big, open neighbor.


[MUSIC] Just off the living room, is this wonderful little study. I love a cozy little room. We painted it this very deep, dark green. And it's kind of nice having a painted study instead of a wood study. And so I think adding a color, adds a lot of depth. And it's a very pretty backdrop for all the objects that are in the room. To counterbalance some of the depth of the color of the walls, we have lighter upholstery. Lighter curtains. And a lighter rug in here. So I think that lightens the room up and adds a little contrast. The furniture is from Sherrill. Mr. and Mrs. Howard for Sherrill upholstery. Very comfortable, very inviting, very soft. [MUSIC] The fabrics on the chairs are quilted, so they add that extra layer of cushion and comfort. [MUSIC] We got these beautiful built-in bookcases all the way around that sofa, that are filled with leather books, and wood objects, and quirky little things. But my favorite thing in the room is this beautiful painting by Clay Wagstaff. That anchors the room and sits above the sofa. In a room that's dark like this lighting is very, very critical. So we have bookcase lights above the bookcases. We've got these great swing arm lamps flanking the painting, and the nish where the sofas set in. And then we have this beautiful Morris lantern from Circle Lighting as the ceiling fixture hanging down. All those things give you multiple light sources. And of course everything's on a dimmer. For the coffee table in here I choose this old trunk in a light color. And then I wanted to use pairs of tables. I have a pair of little tiny telephone tables sitting in front of the bookcases. [MUSIC] And then by the chairs I have some tiny little side tables pulled up to them, again just the right size. Opposite from the sofa there's this great looking oak English mule chest. This mule chest works great with these Chinese chairs, which is just proof that it's okay to mix you know, different countries, different periods. And I've got a big pair of glayzed lamps from a potter named Charlie West. This study also has a pair of French doors that open onto the porch, that's a wonderful arrangement for entertaining, and for everyday living.
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