Graceful Master Suite

Spool beds became popular with American furniture makers in the mid 19th century. This bedroom's impressive example combines graceful spools, four tall posts (a Southern addition), and a pretty painted finish.


The master bedroom suite, I have to say, is my favorite part of this house. It is beautiful. It has light on all sides. We have high windows above the bed. High windows across from the bed. And then full length windows on the sidewall of the bedroom. [MUSIC] So it's bathed in this beautiful natural light. So I decided to go very light and soft with the colors in here. We've got this great sorta, light blue color painted on the walls and the trim. It's Sherwin Williams Olympus White. And the ceiling is painted this beautiful color that's called Icecube. All the furniture in here is painted. Because I wanted to continue sort of the light airy feeling throughout. So we've got the light school bed, and beautiful bedding from the Southern Living collection. And this gorgeous continental fabric for the throw pillows on the bed. We have these painted side tables next to the bed, and they're part of the Mr. and Mrs. Howard for Sherill collection, and they;re in there, this is great stone color. So I thought it would be pretty to place these blue gray glass lamps next to the bed. I think it's always nice to add a little sparkle. It's great with all the painted furniture in the room, and they're just the perfect compliment color wise. [MUSIC] The curtains are this gorgeous Cowtan and Tout sheer fabric. It's a horizontal stripe, so I used panels on the big windows and then your soft Roman shades with soft bottoms above the bed and across from the bed. This is another example of when you're treating windows, that all the window treatments in the room do not have to be the same, you can combine Roman shades with panels. And it, and it has a lovely effect. [MUSIC] One of my favorite spaces in this house is the master bath. This floor tile is so beautiful and its design and it's composition, it's gray with bluish undertone in it and then we pulled up the blue for the walls again. With the vanities, we wrapped up across and down the sides with this beautiful honed marble. And then we decided to throw in another element. We have this limed oak, which I think adds sort of that rustic element, but in a little bit more of a refined fashion. Then we've got these beautiful resin mirrors from Made Goods hanging above, which just give you sort of a three-dimensional quality. In this beautiful window, we have this gorgeous Kohler tub. Which is such a beautiful silhouette and who wouldn't want to soak there for ever in that window. I mean it's just a dreamy situation. I'm not a big fan of fabric around the tub, so I think shutters are a great solution. Nice and neat and clean looking. What's unusual and what's different about this bathroom is that the tile continues on into the dressing area closet where we have the limed oak doors mixed with the paint with the pretty little window seat. [MUSIC] With the shutter on it, we put a couple of full length mirrors on the back side of the vanity walls so that he and she have a place to get dressed. I think this combination master closet, dressing area is spacious, and lovely and what couple wouldn't enjoy it. What is not to love about this master bathroom? The master suite also opens onto the back porch. With two doors so that you can go out there. You can leave straight from there in the morning and head out there and have a cup of coffee, or sit out there in the evenings and have a glass of wine. You know it's just so nice that even the master bedroom connects onto this wonderful outdoor space.
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