Rustic & Refined Living Room

Front and back doors open directly into a two-story-high living room, where spruce-planked walls and wood beams salvaged from an 1890 Tenessee barn reflect the home's rural setting and give the space a refined, barnlike feel.


[MUSIC] As you enter the front door, you walk immediately into the main room of the main farm house and we have these beautiful soaring ceilings, reclaimed wood beams, big sliding barn doors. The main living area is divided into two spaces [MUSIC] We basically set up two separate seating areas. One down by the kitchen with the large sliding doors. And another one addressing the fireplace at the other end of the house. I divided the middle of this room with this beautiful antique French farm table. You could set it up as a bar. You could set it up for serving a buffet. You could pull some chairs up to it, and turn it into a dining table in the middle of the room. It just is one of those great. Pieces that anchors the room, divides the room, and has multi functions. One of the first things you do when you're decorating your room is address the lighting. Lighting is critical. Lighting is everything. The first we chose were these great big, oversized, beautiful black lanterns from Circa. I love the little discs inside that reflect the lightbulbs, the size and the scale, I think they're fabulous. [MUSIC] Then we wanted to go around the perimeter of the room with eight sconces, which may seem like a lot but at night, that perfectly balances the light. After that, we took up the table lamps, so we wanted to make sure we located floor plugs in the right location so that you had soft pools of light. Which are always inviting. And that way the entire room is lit. [MUSIC] We've actually used the same sofa in different fabrics on both sides of the room. It sort of, unifies things, to keeps it from getting too busy. On these sofas I like to use down pillows. And all these pillows can sort of move around the room. You know, they don't necessarily have to be designated from one sofa to the other. They're sort of interchangeable. All of the fabrics used in this room have more of a natural feeling. Linens and cottons and wovens, suitable for upholstery for every day wear and tear, nothing shiny, nothing fancy, nothing formal, just a good solid fabrics. As you enter the front door the setting on the right is just the classic beautiful sofa. And then two over sized club chairs across from it. [MUSIC] With rustic antiques used as a coffee table, console table, side tables. And then I always look for a little quirky pair of antique chairs. So I found these forgot the key. Straight chairs, which I thought were a great counterpoint to all the softness of the upholstery. Everyone that walks through this room, particularly the men comment on these nesting tables. It's, it's wood inside of Lucite. They are made by a company called Made Goods, and I think it's just fabulous. It's just Sort of rustic but modern at the same time. On the fireplace side, I've just got this antique pine coffee table. It was a higher table, I cut the legs off to make it into a coffee table. And then I found this old chess board, which I've got my funky little wooden animal on top of. And just stacks of books and a couple of hurricanes [MUSIC] This room is primarily windows and door openings. There's very little wall space for art. So, luckily I was able to obtain a beautiful painting from Shawn Dellany which hangs above the mantle and I love the way it's hanging on that rustic wood background. I think it really makes the painting pop. It's a modern painting. It looks great. It keeps the room from being frumpy. It keeps the room from being too traditional. [MUSIC] I found this beautiful boot umbrella stand. This boot is so Nashville. It's perfect for this spot. I'm happy to say that I would love to live in this room. I think it gives you everything you need. It's got color, it's got light. It's comfortable, it's inviting, it's warm. It's the perfect representation of everything that Southern Living magazine stands for. Only Southerners can put a house together like this.
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