Neutral Guesthouse

In the second-floor suite, Phoebe gave the small space big impact by covering everything in the same fabric. On the first floor, rich brown walls and a combination of neutral fabrics carry out a warm mushroom-and-ivory color palette.


[MUSIC]. In this house there is a separate guest house. It has a downstairs guest suite and an upstairs guest suite. The downstairs guest suite is decorated in sort of a mushroom and ivory color palette. The wall color is portobello from Sherwin Williams and it's just a deep rich taupey color. Which makes a great backdrop for sort of all the ivory fabrics that we've done in there, with pretty white trim, and a lot of ivory accessories. As you enter the room, you have a great sliding barn door on the big iron track. That sort of sets the rug and tone of this room, so again I wanted to bring in a little refinement, but have some rugged elements in there as well. The bed is an upholstered bed. It's upholstered in ivory sunbrella fabric. It's a simple tufted headboard. And it's flanked by a pair of antique night stands. And some big oversized lamps designed by Suzanne Kessler. We've used two cowhide rugs on the floor, sort of asymmetrically, to just sort of give the room sort of a nice flow and rhythm without being as rigid. You have the beautiful fireplace with the painting by Carolyn Carr, which was a really very pretty focal point in the room. You have a couple of swivel club chairs which will swivel around to enjoy the fireplace or face into the room. And then a big round wicker ottoman. You have a couple great looking Etta chairs which are ranged with bisque pottery and some baskets and some books. The room has everything that you need to stay in it for an extended period of time. Its got an adorable little kitchenette that's completely stocked. Its got its own refridgerator and microwave and it's actually quite spacious. In the bathroom, we decided to try to do some different and interesting things on the walls since the bedroom was so neutral. So in the area where the vanity is, we decided we would paint stripes on the walls. Then in the adjoining space that has this beautiful Calista tub, we used Ansac's pattern tile on the wall. Just on the bottom half and then just painted the top half. It has a great effect. So I decided to flank it with this pair of great looking Etta chairs from Ballard and that's a great place to hold towels and bath products and that kind of thing. Not to mention they're just pretty. There's a very nice walk in shower here that has a beautiful Couple of inset tile in it, and that's just completely open no door, its a shower lover's dream. And for the windows in this area, we chose simple wooden shutters, which just are the perfect finishing touch, it gives you all the privacy you need and at the same time you can let in all the light that you need, it is everything that a guest suite should be The downstairs guest suite was so neutral I wanted there to be a little bit of a surprise at the top of the steps, so surprise there's a red ceiling up there. I wanted to take a farm house classic, which is a ticking stripe, and give it a little twist and give it a little kick and to a different direction. So I decided that I would do the whole room in this one ticking stripe. The walls are covered in the ticking. And all the curtains. And the roman shades are in the ticking. And there's two slipper chairs in the ticking. Everything has a red band and then I have red accents. So it takes a neutral space and just gives it a little bit more color and something a little bit unexpected. We've got this great four poster bed up there that's from our collection of Mr. and Mrs. Howard for Sherrill Furniture. The bedding on the bed is all provided by Company Store, and it is super soft and luxurious cotton. Really pretty side tables with the stone tops. Charlie West did the great, beautiful oxblood red glazed lamps that flank the bed. And then opposite the bed, you've got this really pretty antique console, and some pretty objects on the table. I wanted to do something a little bit unusual over the bed, so I had this shield-shaped mirror. Which is hanging by mono filament over the bed which is just kind of adds a nice reflection and a good focal point. And there's a beautiful soft brown and cream rug which just gives you really something really soft, underfoot. Another one of the great features of this room is it has another one of those great sliding barn doors on the iron hardware. I think this room is just super comfortable. It's very light. It's a little on the masculine side. And it's just every thing a guest room needs to be.
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