Casual Dining Room

The casual dining space is surrounded by windows on three sides. Sheer cafe curtains, hung just above the bottom sash, give softness and privacy while still allowing a view of the outside and inviting lots of sunlight to stream in through the upper panes.


[MUSIC] Right off the kitchen, is this beautiful dining room. Which also leads, onto the back porch. It's got windows on all the sides. It's filled with light. I chose sheer cafe curtains, which is kind of a throwback. They had this little blossom embroidery on them. I place them, so that the fabric starts, just at the top, of the bottom sash. I wanted to hide the wood, so you had this, this soft filtered light, but then you still have open above that, so you can enjoy the view and look outside. I used this beautiful marble bistro table, that I found in France, at the flea market. I think it's fantastic. The marble top has this beautiful, undulating, color. And, it's got an oval shape, which is very comfortable. We've got six big wicker chairs with arms, so that, it's more comfortable in here. And then, I've got an old Oushak rug in sort of softer colors, picking up some of the colors from the kitchen cabinets, and from the marble dining table. This great chandelier from Circa is very simple, and very spare, and painted black, which I think adds the perfect touch in here. It ties in nicely, with the black curtain poles, I used, for the cafe curtains. On the walls leading into the kitchen, there was just a tiny little space there. So, I found this antique pair of Chinese cabinets, that were perfect for there. They give you a little bit of storage. And then, there's a wonderful botanical artist, who lives in Charleston, South Carolina. Her name is Becky Davis. And, she goes around, and she gathers local greenery. And, presses it and, and frames it. And, we have here kudzu, believe it or not. Who would ever think, that kudzu could look this glamorous? The perfect thing to hang in a southern dining room is a little kudzu. On top of the black Chinese chest, I found these old bamboo lamps, and just, put some natural shades on them. And then, collected all these teeny, little, green, glass bottles. These would be great to line up down the table and put wild flowers in. [MUSIC] This dining area is so inviting and so warm. It just creates a really nice place for entertaining. [MUSIC]
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