How To Mix Colors for Signature Style

Bunny Williams, Interior Designer of the 2015 Southern Living Idea House, shares her best tips for mixing textures, patterns, and shades for timeless Southern appeal.


[MUSIC] I love to decorate with pattern and color in small doses. The larger sofa in the room is in a neutral color, but it's going to have beautiful colored pattern pillows on it. Some of the pillows will be made out of antique fabric. Some new fabrics. My fabrics have different textures. There's a rough linen, there's leather, there's a printed fabric. I love different textures in the room. So that not everything feels the same. There are different shaped chairs. There's big upholstered chairs. And then, there's some smaller chairs that you can pull around. Sometimes, you wanna pull up a chair, and sometimes, you wanna just fall into a big upholstered chair. I think it's about the balance, so I'm always sort of thinking that I'm putting opposites together. And making the contrast which makes the blend more interesting. One thing stands out from the other. [MUSIC]
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