Bayou Bend Living Room Tour

Tour the living room of the 2010 Louisiana Idea House with designers Grace Kaynor and Vesta Fort.


[MUSIC] The living room is really our testing ground for our five color scheme. The living room really took off from two vintage chairs, and they are upholstered in a vintage Brunswick and Fee zebra-striped pattern. We started with a bold move by recovering a small vintage settee in a beautiful lavender fabric. It really does act as a kind of neutral, and it allowed us to use fun, colorful print pillows and created some different options for us that we wouldn't have had, had we not chosen purple. The cypress beams add an architectural interest to the house, and really served to frame in the living room. We love the floral rug. For the fireplace, we had our decorative painter. Venetian plaster the fireplace to give it an old world feel, and we used a glass fire screen because we wanted to have a little bit of a modern edge. In this room we have an Amanda Talley painting. We have a beautiful console table, and we used a pair of lavender lamps. We have this beautiful barnacle shaped sculptural piece. It's made out of ceramic and it just adds a little bit of interest. The barnacle shapes evoke the circles of the painting. [MUSIC] The coffee table is a really, a wonderful element to this room because again, it's glass, with just a bit of gilding. It echoes the glass table in the study. Another thing that I think Grace and I really wanted to accomplish in this house was for it to look undecorated. We wanted it to seem very, very natural and rustic, but yet refined and polished.
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