Bayou Bend Dining Room Tour

Tour the dining room of the 2010 Louisiana Idea House with designers Grace Kaynor and Vesta Fort.


[MUSIC] To the right of the entry is the dining room and this is my personal favorite room in the whole house. I love the way that Gus and I designed this room. And we used a very eclectic assortment of objects. The light fixtures really set the tone for this room, they were all handmade. We especially love the gobs of glass that appear at each end of the lanterns. We paired this to a table that Vesta had copied from. Her own kitchen. And we love the honed marble. It is so smooth and beautiful. We mixed in a beautiful English antique sideboard. We used touches in this room like an old olive jar that we found. It's French, 1880s. Really gives that room a sense of age and period. [MUSIC] As does the small painted German commode that we found in Fair Hope Alabama. [MUSIC] We found the beautiful oval backed cane chairs, with peacock leather seats. And we placed a tribal rug on the floor. [MUSIC] And then the art which is just incredible. Two photographs from David Holliday. They are Louisiana landscapes. And then a painting by Nicole Charbonnet. [MUSIC] The window treatments we kept very simple, but we just fell in love with the exaggerated Greek key motif. Well, the effect of, of mixing high and low and old with new gives you a very eclectic feel. It gives you a very lived in feel. So, for example, if we have two chairs that were just simple recovers, not very expensive but we paired them with these beautiful antique cane back chairs. And then the dining room table is a very nice piece of marble. We have a simple trestle base. We've really created a beautiful space. It's not overdone. It seems to me just perfect.
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