2010 Idea House: Louisiana Sneak Peek

Enjoy a quick preview of the design and features from our 2010 Bayou Bend Idea House in Covington, Louisiana.


[MUSIC] Welcome to the 2010 Southern Living Idea House, at Taravella in Covington, Louisiana. The house is a mixture of the creole style, in a craftsmen style. You walk in, and you know immediately that this is a house for casual, everyday living and entertaining. It's very beautiful. And it has a New Orleans charm and New Orleans feel. And it has warmth. It's well laid out, well thought out, with a tremendous amount of detail. Part of our excitement about this house was the exterior environment. We wanted to incorporate that feeling of being out in the country. We wanted to inject in the entire house, a sense of modernity. And we did so by adding bold strokes of color here and there. The carriage house. Unique, lovely, different. This house is meant to be a wonderful retreat from the main house. You need to come and see this home. You need to feel it, you need to smell it, you need to walk through it. [MUSIC] It is different, it is unique, and you will love it.
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