Bayou Bend Study Tour

Tour the study of the 2010 Louisiana Idea House with designers Grace Kaynor and Vesta Fort.


[MUSIC] One of my favorites is a cyprus study, cuz it was so well thought out. Not large, homey, stately. We thought we'd make the most use of that space possible by adding a wall of Cyprus book cases with storage underneath. We packed the bookcases with the mementos from different travels, and different aspects of our lives. In the room we put two sheenwasre mirrors. It, actually in the book cases to open up the study and reflect back both light and art. And then we completed the area with a small Chesterfield sofa and a gold, glass top tabled desk. We also placed a small chair in the corner of the room, and instead of a desk chair, we added a small stool that could easily slide under the desk. Because the room is a small space, the window treatment that we chose was not a floor length curtain. But rather a Roman shade and we piped the shade with a tape that had a natural squiggly motif in it. Throughout the study we've have incorporated touches of gold like the clam shell that is gilded and the mirrors that are gilded. We juxtaposed a very traditional Drysdale painting with a Susan Dory painting, which is an encaustic painting, very abstract with layer upon layer of color. We wanted to incorporate that feeling of being out in the country, in the house. [MUSIC]
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