Bayou Bend Sitting Room Tour

Tour the sitting room of the 2010 Louisiana Idea House with designers Grace Kaynor and Vesta Fort.


[MUSIC] Walking into the sitting room TV area, you immediately are struck by the wonderful padded leash which we studded with very large antique brass round studs. We punched it up with these great paisely pillows. And then we paired it against striped pillows for a fun contrast. We picked the turquoise poofs to complement that and also give it a strong punch of color. And we love the bookshelves where we have lots of storage. The mirror we picked up at a local store, I think it gives reflection without actually seeing anything. Vesta and I loved pairing the niche with these fabulous bamboo chairs, and we threw the paisley pillows on those chairs to kind of give everything a sense of continuity. We wanted to have bookcase lights for added light when reading. And then we chose some fun, just kind of gold and silver, ceiling lights. The console and the media cabinet I felt was perfect for that space. We also have a magazine stand which we painted turquoise to match the thread. We put two paintings in there by young artists from New Orleans, Hailey Gabrilovich. We chose those paintings because they helped weave our turquoise thread, and we feel like it echoed the paisley fabric in a very organic way. In New Orleans we live our lives in a kind of very eclectic manner. We have eclectic tastes. Because it's a port city, we draw from all different cultures in the world. It gives it a richness. It gives it a sense of place. And it gives it a history.
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