Bayou Bend Overview Tour

Take an overview tour of the 2010 Lousiana Idea House with designers Grace Kaynor and Vesta Fort.


[MUSIC] When you walk up these steps, onto this magnificent porch, and the doors open up, you know you've arrived at a fine home. The kitchen and living room are basically one space, separated by a very large island. The kitchen is a long galley style kitchen. We love the idea that this kitchen was a workhorse. We adore the kitchen nook. [MUSIC] It is the perfect place for the whole family to sit for breakfast or an informal dinner. To the right of the entry is the dining room and this is my personal favorite room in the whole house. [MUSIC] I love the way that Vesta and I designed this room. We used a very eclectic assortment of objects. [MUSIC] And, one of my favorites is the Cyprus study. Cuz it was so well thought out. We wanted to incorporate that feeling of being out in the country, in the house. [MUSIC] The guest room is so traditional, so southern, so inviting. Walking into the sitting room TV area, you immediately are struck by the wonderful padded niche. [MUSIC] The overall idea for the girls' room was to create a feminine space that was alive and vibrant with color and energy. We wanted the boys' room not to be just a little boy's room but a room that a boy could grow into and love even as an adult. [MUSIC] This room I think we wanted to feel maybe as if it could be your respite by the beach. [MUSIC] The overall concept for the bathroom was to create a spa like environment, a Roman tub and shower, feel. [MUSIC] And a beautiful, luxurious space where you could unwind and relax. In this carriage house which we really love, Vesta and I really tried to introduce a kind of hep element to this house. While this house is in certain ways streamlined and modern. We feel it's typically Southern in the way that we used bold elements of color, in the way that we used floral elements, in the way that we made it a very welcoming, inviting space. Most of all, Grace and I wanted the house to feel lived in, warm, inviting. A place to be a family.
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