Bayou Bend Master Bedroom Tour

Tour the master bedroom of the 2010 Louisiana Idea House with designers Grace Kaynor and Vesta Fort.


[MUSIC] The entrance to the master bedroom is also a passageway to the porch outside. And Destin and I thought it was the the perfect place to have a little dressing table, where the lady of the house could sit and write a note, or put on her makeup. You have these wonderful, vintage lights, which have little tiny porcelain flowers on them, and the porcelain flowers kind of give the room a whimsical feel. Entering the master bedroom, the first thing I think that is most striking is the sea urchin and crystal chandelier. It gives the room weight with its size, but also is light and airy in feeling. We love the idea that it's a nice, large, open room. The color that we chose on the walls of the bedroom is a very peaceful pale sky blue. The headboard is brass, and it was a little scuffed. We got out our paint and glossed over some of the imperfections, and gave it a nice warm rich patina. There's an oval ottoman at the foot of the bed with contrasting beige flange. We originally thought that we were going to have night tables that were going to be different on each side, however we found these tables, and we love the pink marble on top of them. We felt like it really complemented the room and complemented the fabric we had chosen. On top of these tables we have placed two custom-made turquoise lamps by Fifi Laughlin. We wanted it to function as a living area for the couple as well, time where they could sit and read. We put a chaise in the corner, and we paired it with an acrylic night stand. The fabric that we chose for the window treatments is just a simple mint green linen fabric. We trimmed it with this beautiful tape that has all the colors of the bed fabric in it. The painting above the bed is by Bernd Haussmann. The other painting that you see in the corner is by Amanda Talley. We love the fun turquoise and blue circles, punched with that pinky-orange color. It's just fun and happy, and really makes the room. We also have Haley [INAUDIBLE] who did these incredible very casual abstract landscapes. This room, I think, we wanted to feel maybe as if it could be your respite by the beach.
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