Bayou Bend Master Bath Tour

Tour the master bath of the 2010 Louisiana Idea House with designers Grace Kaynor and Vesta Fort.


[MUSIC] In the master bathroom, we started our design with the fabulous gold Mexican chandelier. We paired it with a beautiful, fabulous oceanside glass tile, that we placed on the wall in a horizontal pattern. The rest of the bathroom, we decided to use Carrera marble, for the floor, the counter tops and the vanities, and in the shower. [MUSIC] It's such a large expanse of marble that we wanted to warm this room up with some older touches. [MUSIC] We used some old Ooshack rugs that give the room a warmth and a lived in feeling. [MUSIC] We used over the vanities, these beautiful Venetian silver mirrors and we hand colored them with a gold paint. [MUSIC] We love the stools in the master bathroom, they're in a faux ostrich pattern. And we placed them in front of the tub so that you could put towels there, bath salts, or just sit and have a chat. [MUSIC] We love the massive, free-standing tub. But we like the fact that it's open, and makes the whole bathroom seem airy and breathtakingly beautiful. We love the large shower. [MUSIC] The rain shower heads really give the shower a feeling of spa-like beauty. [MUSIC] Because we really wanted the heads of the household of this house to feel pampered and spoiled, we created his and her vanities, and his and her closets. [MUSIC] The overall concept for the bathroom was to create a spa-like environment, a Roman tub and shower feel, and a beautiful luxurious space where you could unwind and relax. [MUSIC]
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