Bayou Bend Guest Bedroom and Bath Tour

Tour the guest bedroom and bath of the 2010 Louisiana Idea House with designers Grace Kaynor and Vesta Fort.


[MUSIC] To the left, as you walk in to the hallway, is the guest room. And we chose for this room a bed from the Southern Living Collection. It is a a four poster bed. It is so traditional, so southern, so inviting. And we paired it with a really happy, yellow, black, and gray floral bedding. Really I think what I like most about this room is the black and white checked, silk curtains. [MUSIC] The big check print really is a way to have a maximum impact in a small space. [MUSIC] To give the room a little bit more of an edge, we used a black upholstery with a tapered, white edging. [MUSIC] Above the chair are two paintings which we placed together by the same artist. [MUSIC] That's Charlotte Perino, she's a local New Orleans artist. Above the bed we placed a Rena Rochat painting. Which has a very simple light texture, for this room. We also chose a very simple sea-grass rug. [MUSIC] We took all the traditional elements, and then we had fun with them. We played with them. So, we turned it into a sort of a traditional room that had a little bit of punch, and a little bit more power to it, than, than you would normally see. [MUSIC] When we were designing the guest room bathroom, Dustin and I really wanted to try something again, not be afraid and try something different. And we found a tile that looked like grass cloth. We chose that for the tub surround, and then we chose a metallic tile so that the two of them coordinate. We also chose our shade, a top down bottom up, which I really love. So everything is just a play, and it's really fun and kind of a very different take on a bathroom. But still falls within the traditional ideas for what you would want to see in your guest bathroom. [MUSIC]
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