Bayou Bend Girl's Bedroom Tour

Tour the girl's bedroom of the 2010 Louisiana Idea House with designers Grace Kaynor and Vesta Fort.


[MUSIC] We love the girls room. We love the girlyness of the girls room, and we love the pink everywhere. [MUSIC] We chose a very vibrant pink, green, yellow, floral fabric. We chose a trundle bed. Great space for little, late night slumber parties. And the fact that there's a trundle there, which stows away easily, helps the room feel larger than it actually is. And then we punched the room up with this fabulous Janet McGreal painting called Azalea. [MUSIC] We also picked a very fun pink, flowered painting by this artist Maria Paraha. The secretary desk is a great place for her to store all of her papers, letters. The desk opens and closes so when, if she's a messy girl, she can hide all of her stuff. There's also an apple green velvet ottoman, which is on casters, so it easily slid over to the bed. We also chose the bulletin board. We wanted this to be a great spot for her to display all of the things that are important to her. The gold crown ceiling fixture that we chose to the girls room. We thought it absolutely was the crown and glory to this girly girl room. And the other like pictures we kept simple, but because we like to add some natural textures into every room that we do, we used the sea grass lampshades. For the window treatments in the girls room, we kept them very simple. We took a pink beaded trim and we edged the window treatments to give it a little finished quality and pocket with color. The overall idea for this room was to create a feminine, girlie space that was alive and vibrant with color and energy. [MUSIC]
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