Bayou Bend Boy's Bedroom Tour

Tour the boy's bedroom of the 2010 Louisiana Idea House with designers Grace Kaynor and Vesta Fort.


[MUSIC] For the boy's room we pictured safari. We wanted it to feel very cozy and warm and we used a lot of browns and greens in there. [MUSIC] We had our decorative painter [INAUDIBLE] the book cases and the trim. [MUSIC] We punched the walls up with color from an artist named Burns Houseman. And we also chose three very large photographs. From Jennifer Shaw's Hurricane series. We chose the ostrich egg chandelier. We found an incredibly interesting, perfectly sized, olive wood chest of drawers. I love the ticking stripe on the bed in this room. [MUSIC] I think it's, bold. The bedside table had a, a felt top that had been ruined. So we took it off, an to give it a bit more of a modern edge we had a mirror cut. The light fixtures are by Fifi Benjamin. She, works with glass, and color. The desk is a campaign style desk. [MUSIC] The turtle we found in New Orleans at a local antique shop, and we love the idea that it is not a real turtle. It's a rosen turtle and we just think a boy would absolutely adore having that turtle in his room. [MUSIC] We ordered a rams head and we found another set of horns that we used in the book cases. [MUSIC] We also wanted the boy to have a comfortable chair for reading. A place where he could sit and just relax. [MUSIC] We also wanted the boy's room not to be just a little boy's room, but a room that a boy could grow into and love, even as an adult. [MUSIC]
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