Living in Pine Mountain, Georgia

Explore the small town of Pine Mountain.


[MUSIC] We're blessed with being just a mile or so away from the town of Pine Mountain, Georgia. It's a beautiful, quaint town. Great shopping, great restaurants. Some of the best barbecue in the state of Georgia. Really growing at a nice pace, with some of the most friendly people that you'll meet. Pine Mountain is really part of the lifestyle of Calloway Gardens. The town of Pine Mountain has recently kind of undergone a renaissance. A great number of antique shops. But there's also a kitchenalia shop, a garden shop. Pretty much a broad range of commercial opportunities. When you move to Pine Mountain, you instantly are welcomed into the community. You, we don't meet a stranger. So I always tell people, if you live in a place where people want to visit, it means that you have a nice place to live. We have a pretty vibrant arts community. Pine Mountain has attracted some fascinating people. A lot of talented artists. A lot of short story writers, poets. Fascinating range of of talents. [NOISE] One of the things that I really love about this place, is the opportunity to get out into nature. I can ride from my front door on my bicycle in one mile. Be inside Calloway Gardens, and it's just absolutely wonderful. [MUSIC] If you wanted to do some more extensive shopping, you can go to Columbus. Which is about a 30 minute drive. Columbus, to our south, has a great arts program. There's opportunities to go to, they have a river walk. Arts festival theater just a short drive away. And then of course there's metro Atlanta, which would be about 45 minutes or an hour away. And there's anything you could want there. We are within an hour of an international airport in Atlanta. So that you can be with no connections, you can be anywhere in the world. In a pretty short period of time. We plan to stay here, possibly through our retirement age. We came here with the mindset that we wanted to stay here long term. My husband, he likes to say that we're living the dream. Because when he comes from work, he feels like he can really you know, escape the work mentality. And just relax and enjoy what Callaway has to offer.
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