Living in Beaufort, South Carolina

Discover the peaceful town of Beaufort.


[MUSIC] Buford is about ten minutes from Habersham. It's got a wonderful main street. It's full of shops. It's a very active city. Lots of tourists. They have all kinds of festivals year-round. One of the largest collection of Antebellum homes in, in the country. Old Point is absolutely stunning. It's where some of the most famous homes are located. Where else can you go where you can have this tie with that old South feel? They're always here related to the water. You know, you look down these live oak alleys, right out to the river. If you ever explore Buford, you have to somehow find someway to get on a boat, because the, just the waterways and all the creeks that you can go down and it's something you don't want to miss. The climate here is very temperate. It can be out there pretty much year round and you don't need to coat most of the time. My husband will walk from the house down into the intercoastal waterway and he can. There was fishing pull-out and try to catch fish in the middle of the night. He walks the dogs and will spend lots of time sitting on the bluff. It's unbelievable that we're so close to it. The great thing about Buford is it's sort of central location on the low country coast where Savannah is a 45 minute drive, and Charleston is an hour and 15 minutes. If you want a little bit of the big city feel, it's, it's easy and convenient to get it. Just to be living somewhere 365 days a year that is as beautiful as it is, it's just wonderful.
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