Lennox Home Technology at the 2015 Charlottesville Idea House

Lennox Systems bring quiet, energy-efficient comfort to the 2015 Idea House in Charlottesville, Virginia.


[MUSIC] Home design is, by its nature today, energy efficient. From top to bottom, all of the materials available in the best building practices are far ahead of where we were ten years ago. Now, what consumers are looking for is control over that environment, and that's one of the things that Lennox is the best at providing. We obviously want to stress using really high-quality materials and energy efficiency is something that we, as a community, take seriously. We are excited to be using Lennox systems on our development projects at Bundoran Farm. Once of the reasons that we chose the Lennox iComfort system is the comfort that is provided by their A mobile app, which allows you to control the system remotely, which gives you greater energy efficiency for the house. One of the things that's the most important to the success of our designs is creating livable, beautiful, and pleasant outdoor spaces. And we know when we place a Lennox unit next to even an outdoor dining terrace, it will not interrupt an evening meal. It is so quiet, it allows you to enjoy the nature surrounding you here at Bundoren farm without interrupting any of that. We like the idea that people are using the best of modern technology Its easy to use the energy efficiency those are all really important features. Buying large most of the sponsors of the southern living idea house are vendors we choose to work with independently. So there people that we would turn to whether they sponsored this house or not cuz there good quality product. It's been a great pleasure Lennox Home Comfort Systems on the design and implementation of this house. [MUSIC]
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